Diploma Film Citipati wins Annie Award

Ludwigsburg/Germany, February 6, 2017. Andreas Feix‘ diploma film Citipati has scooped the Annie Award for “Best Student Project” at the 44th Annie Awards ceremony this Saturday. Feix and his Animation Effects Producer Francesco Faranna, who graduated from the Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2016, are thus able to continue a veritable success story: they were already able to take home the VES award for “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project” one year back. Andreas Feix finds himself in good company this week, since three further Filmakademie projects –Shine, Breaking Point and the FMX 2017 trailer Elemental – are nominated at the VES Awards, which are given this Tuesday, February 7. Both the VES Awards and the Annie Awards count among the most important industry events and serve as reliable indicators for the upcoming Oscars.

Citipati, which follows a dinosaur as he perishes from a meteorite impact, was the only German contender in the midst of five projects on the short list in the “Best Student Film” category. Having been taken with dinosaurs from an early age, Andreas Feix already dedicated his second-year film Terra Sancta to dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic setting and deepened this interest in creatures with the dragon-themed Dragon Days trailer Lindwurm. With its hyper-realistic 3D look and its emotional storyline, his diploma project Citipati marks the culmination point of his artistic development at the Filmakademie.


Andreas Feix and his team struggle to put their happiness into words:

We (the Citipati team) feel very overwhelmed and honored that Citipati was able to win an Annie Award. We are really happy that our story about a little dinosaur receives so much recognition considering that things nearly might have taken another turn, if there hadn’t been a push into the right direction. Our thanks go to the Filmakademie and the Animationsinstitut, which provided both the creative environment and exchange with our fellow students and lecturers so that a small idea was able to take very big steps indeed.

It might not be the last moment of sheer happiness this week. Feix joins the Filmakademie students on the red carpet, since his professional work at MPC Advertising is also among the VES nominated projects (John Lewis; Buster the Boxer). Regardless of yet another trophy, the successful alumnus will pursue his interest in pop cultural phenomena: in May 2017, Feix will share his insights into the popular “fan-made trailers” genre at FMX 2017, which takes place from May 2 to 5.

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