Encanto, Dune’s Sound Design and Screening of Ron’s Gone Wrong

FMX 2022

Stuttgart/Germany, April 12, 2022. Three weeks before the start of the conference, FMX 2022 has confirmed most of this year’s program, featuring not only a diverse array of sessions including Oscar-winning ENCANTO and DUNE, but also various special events like a Sound Masterclass and the ITFMX Screening of RON’S GONE WRONG.


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Walt Disney Animation Studios – The Technology Behind ENCANTO’s Casita

Join Scott Kersavage (Visual Effects Supervisor), Tad Miller (Technical Supervisor), Nadim Sinno (Associate Technical Supervisor), and Technical Directors Justin Kern, Nellie Robinson, and Annamarie Fuchs, as they share the technological innovations behind bringing the artistic vision of ENCANTO‘s Casita to life.

Ron’s Gone Right: Making a Debut Feature with two Startup Studios + ITFMX Screening

Director JP Vine will be presenting the behind-the-scenes process of creating and directing Locksmith’s award-winning first feature, RON’S GONE WRONG

FMX visitors will have the opportunity to attend the ITFMX Screening of RON’S GONE WRONG in cooperation with Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) on May 5.

llumination – SING 2

Illumination and Illumination Studios Paris present SING 2! CG Supervisors Boris Jacq and Richard Adenot pull back the curtains and share a behind the scenes look at a new chapter in SING 2. Boris and Richard will share production highlights from story to final frame featuring character animation, environments, effects, texture, lighting and more!


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Theo Green on Sound Design and Music Composition

Academy-Award winning sound designer and supervising sound editor (DUNE, BLADE RUNNER 2049), and composer (THE GAMBLER), Theo Green will discuss the incredibly blurred lines between sound design and music composition and how these trends appear in modern cinema, and in his most recent work trading sounds back and forth with Hans Zimmer for DUNE

In addition, Theo Green will host an exclusive Sound Masterclass at Filmakademie Campus on Friday, May 6. Participation is limited. To register, please email program@fmx.de

Those who would like to learn more about the stunning visual effects of DUNE can join an insightful presentation by DNEG on Friday, May 6.

Skywalker Sound Presents: Creating the soundscape for THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT

Join Bonnie Wild and David Acord for a conversation discussing the soundscape the team created for THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT and how they brought something familiar to creatures, characters, ships, and places that are wholly new.

Casting and Audio Production at Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Justin Brinsfield and Roxanne Escatel, panelists from casting and audio production, will detail the Nickelodeon Animation Studio process for ensuring industry leading voice recordings for their slate of content. Topics will include initial casting, working with talent, technology used, and continuing production in a remote work-state and beyond.


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 Sustainability & B-Corp Certification

Everyone wants to create work that makes an impact, but it’s more important than ever to make sure that work is making a positive impact. Blue Zoo Animation Studio and Dupe VFX are two studios that have gone through the rigorous B Corp certification process to measure the impact of every aspect of their business. In this talk, Tom Box (Blue Zoo) and Jonathan Harris (Dupe VFX) will elaborate on how and why they went through that exhaustive process.

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