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Ludwigsburg/Germany, October 4, 2016. Just in time for today’s beginning of the academic year at the Filmakademie, the Animationsinstitut introduces its new logo to the public. The new design picks up the old logo’s green color and features a clean aesthetic and a curved brand image and font. The Institute’s new round logo complements the square design of Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut logo which has been updated in February. At the same time, the logo’s shape alludes to one of the basic exercises for animation students, the animation of bouncing balls.

The logo was designed by the Bavarian design agency Weltenwandler, represented by Christian Buntrock – an alumnus of Filmakademie’s course specialization motion design – with assistance from Irina Rubina (animation student at the Institute), Christiane Goppert (also a former motion design student at the Filmakademie) and David Schäfer (graphic designer at the Institute).

Institute Director Professor Andreas Hykade about the new design:

Today we are completing Filmakademie’s square corporate design with our own round logo. The iconic new design is interpreting our leitmotifs of intensity, originality and relevance in a fresh way. We aim to show that the Animationsinstitut is an integral part of the Filmakademie but also an independent player. Square and circle complement each other perfectly: A promising start to an exciting academic year!

Meanwhile, the Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut has no intention of discarding all elements of its former logo entirely. The old design features a figure with the head of a computer mouse juggling with color bars. It was designed for the Institute’s establishment in 2002 by Angela Jedek, graduate of the 2000 animation class, and is thus tightly connected to the Institute’s history. Hykade emphasizes that the Institute’s ‘manikin’ will keep its position as mascot in the future – after all, it has long gained cult status for many employees, friends and alumni.

Source: Animationsinstitut

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