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The position in more details

  • Integrate animation, special effects and sets, making sure that the image quality is good
  • Carry out and ensure that camera movements and multiplanes are well executed
  • Analyze technical problems and find appropriate solutions
  • Perform some special effects

The person will perform many camera movements. This is one specificity of the project. Tasks may include the creation of particle effects depending on the needs of the project – to be confirmed.


In addition to knowledge of After Effects and past experience in AE compositing, we are looking for someone with:

  • Understanding of 3D space in After Effects
  • Knowledge of Toon Boom and the 2D world (an asset)
  • Must live in Quebec or Ontario

Which project?  

Unfortunately, we can’t announce it at this point in the process. This is a high quality film. An opportunity that doesn’t come very often. Everyone at the studio thinks so, not just the Recruiter.

Length of Contract  

Contract is starting in January and ends in April 2022.



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Work Remotely

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after effect

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How to Apply
If you are interested, send us your portfolio! The portfolio must show and demonstrate understanding of camera movements. If you prefer Toon Boom Harmony over After Effects in composition, don't hesitate to send us your portfolio. We are planning to open new Harmony Compositor positions in the near future.