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As an Art Supervisor, you will help the art department with the coordination with the overall work of other artistic or design staff. Oversee the look of the project from Characters, props, location design to guidance for cinematography of the project in conjunction with Directors vision.

Skills and Technical Knowledge Requirements:

  • Ability to adapt to different art styles, good sense of color and design and has knowledge of anatomy, perspective, art theory, etc.
  • Create top quality work – to the best of your ability – following the correct rules of workflow and procedures for your department, set up by Producers, Director and CG Supervisor. (Shotgun, etc).
  • Make sure the artists in your team know the Rules and explain them to new crew.
  • Work with Production Department, CG Supervisor & any Supervisor above you to analyze, understand, and help build schedules
  • Make sure your team is set up correctly with the right amount of resource
  • Collaborate with production department to advise on time, complexity, and priority estimates
  • Stick to the approved briefs, deadlines, quotas, and priorities agreed by the Production Department. If you do not know any of these things, ask Production.
  • Review all reference before Kick Offs and before you begin work. Make sure you give your Production Department a list of all concerns or questions, so they can help get you answers.
  • If Directors, Artists, or other Supervisors come to you with fixes, changes, or new ideas, make sure your Production Department is aware before you begin.
  • Keep your Production Department informed with regular updates, daily or as needed.
  • Previewing all materials and assigning tasks, and QC incoming files for your department. Do not send anything forward that is not creatively or technically correct.
  • Attend Kick Offs and Daily Reviews and use them to answer any questions.
  • Train, teach, inspire, mentor, monitoring and challenge your crew to reach the next level. We want our artists to be able to work independently!
  • Able to understand, speak, read, and write in good English


Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand

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Full Time

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Character Animation

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If you have any questions regarding the positions or the recruitment process please contact above email.