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  • Assist Lead CG Rigger to create, maintain and support animation assets through VFX production, including any necessary scripts, tools and user interfaces using Python.
  • Work with Lead CG Rigger to maintain existing Python code base used in VFX asset creation.
  • Work with CG Modelers, Texture Artists, Animators and Lighters to trouble shoot creative and technical issues.
  • Generate character finaling and simulations for shots.
  • Perform basic modelling and animation tasks as necessary for rig development.
  • Communicate effectively with Production Management, Creative Leads and Technical Support teams regarding asset performance expectations, pipeline compatibility and deadlines.
  • Meet production deadlines as established by Management.
  • Work with crowd team to support rigging needs for large crowds.
  • Work with motion capture team to support rigging needs for motion capture shoots.

Qualifications & Skills:

  • 3 years of CG/Visual Effects or equivalent rigging experience on theatrically released feature films.
  • Knowledge of rigging in Maya, Maya node networks, how they relate to rigging, and how to effectively debug at a node/connection level.
  • Proven ability developing scripts, tools and plugins using Python within a CG animation pipeline (proficiency in additional languages such as MEL, PyQt, C++, bash, etc., a plus)
  • Understanding of motion capture integration for rigs and related workflows.
  • Experience with scripted rig build systems, animation/rigging pipelines and manual rigging techniques.
  • Experience building a wide variety of rigs (organic/mechanical/prop/body/face/costume, etc.)
  • Basic 3D math knowledge and understanding of geometry, kinematics and deformation.
  • Background in visual arts/design with a strong understanding of form and movement, a plus.
  • Modeling skills and ability to understand and troubleshoot polygonal mesh flow for deformation.
  • Proficiency working in a Linux environment.
  • Experience running cloth and hair simulations.


Hillsboro, Oregon, US

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Full Time

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Skills Requirement

Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Lighitng,

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