Main Road Post “Attraction” VFX breakdown ‘ 2017

Main Road Post VFX breakdown 2017

Main Road Post a visual effects production studio, was set up in 2006. Main Road Post has produced visual effects for The Admiral, Wanted, The Inhabited Island, The High Security Vacation, August. Eighth, Metro, Stalingrad, Winter Olympic Sochi 2014 Opening, Ghost.

Attraction (Russian:) is a 2017 Russian science fiction action film directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk. The plot tells about an extraterrestrial spaceship that crash-lands in the Chertanovo district of Moscow. The Russian government immediately introduces martial law, as the locals grow increasingly angry at the unwelcome guest. The film stars Irina Starshenbaum, Alexander Petrov, Rinal Mukhametov and Oleg Menshikov.

According to Bondarchuk, the movie is a social allegory. The script writers stated that it was inspired by the 2013 Biryulyovo riots.

The project became the fourth Russian film transferred to the IMAX 3D format. The premiere of the film in Russia was on 26 January 2017. Attraction became a box office hit, grossing more than 1 billion rubles and becoming the highest-grossing Russian sci-fi movie. It was also a pretty good critical success with the Russian media. The film received mixed reviews from western critics.

Principal photography began in November 2015. The shooting took place in strict secrecy in different regions of Moscow, mainly in Chertanovo, and at the facilities of the Ministry of Defense with the participation of the latest military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces. The shooting involved armored personnel carriers, helicopters, Uranus-6 robots, drones, armored vehicles GAZ Tigr, Typhoon (AFV family) and the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov.

The visual effects involved 255 artists of the Russian company Main Road Post, which until that time worked on the films Metro (2013 film), August Eighth (2012 film), Wanted (2008 film), Stalingrad (2013 film) and The Duelist (2016 film). It took about a year and a half to work with effects. The most difficult effects are considered the moment of the fall of the spacecraft.

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