Author, Sudharshan_Fx_Artist

Independent, Creative FX artist with knowledge in Houdini, Nuke, Maya, Golaem, Clarisse, Katana along with Linux based Work Experience. Flip Simulations, Particle Effects, RBD and Crowd Simulation are of main interest. 2 Years of production experience working as a ROTOSCOPE artist in MPC, Bengaluru-INDIA, before shifting departments and the nature of my work into 3D as a FX Artist recently. Have worked & been credited in many prestigious Hollywood project as a Rotoscope artist for MPC such as Alien : Covenant Skyscraper The Predator Shazam Murder on the Orient Express The Dark Tower The Darkest Minds Alpha Pokémon : Detective Pikachu The Greatest Showman on Earth Ad Astra The Voyage of Doctor Do-Little The Mountain Between us A Wrinkle in Time Roma Underwater X-MEN : The New Mutant X-MEN : The Dark Phoenix Justice League