Sufi Comics launch their second book ‘The Wise Fool of Baghdad.

Mumbai,October,21st,2012: Mohammed Ali Vakil and Mohammed Arif Vakil launched their second book ‘The Wise of Baghdad’ at the Mumbai Film and Comics Convention held at the World Trade Center,Cuffe Parade on 21st October.The First book of the vakil brother-’40 sufi Comics’ received tremendous response globally.The book as been translated in 7 languages including French,German,Indonesian,Norwegian,Russian,Spanish and Tamil.Sufi studio- the publishing house for Ali and Arif also become the first Indian Publisher to Participate in the International Comic Con held in San Diego this year .

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The Mumbai Film and Comic Convention (MFCC) was scheduled for October 20th and 21st at the World Trade Center ,Cuffe Parade.At MFCC whole slew of activities are lined up ranging from workshops to interactive session ,display and sale of wide range of comics and merchandise ,special corners for creating comics and cartoons,contests,book launches and lots more with an aim to promote and bring together local,national and international talent in India

Speaking on launching their new book Mr.Mohammed Ali Vakil said ‘We are delighted with responce that our first book has received ,and consequently decided to work on a second installment. Since we started Sufi Comics ,creating a book like this was always on our minds.We’ve been hearing the wonderful stories of Bahlool from a very young age.These stories of his wisdom and wit were narrated to us as children in our madrasah(Islamic School) and later in Majalis(Islamic gatherings)where scholars would explain the spiritaul teachings in Islam for the young and old”.

“Since we started sufi Comics ,creating a book like this was always on our minds.Our first book “40 Sufi Comics” contains two stories from Bahlool’s life.He was such an inspiring figure in the history that we wanted to dedicate an entire book with just his stories.For the first time we have made the stories available in a sequential Art.These stories have been taken from the book of history and oral traditions.Also I would like to mention that to expound the spiritual message of these stories,the sacred verses of the Qur’an and saying of the Prophet Muhammed (s) have been hand -inscribed in Islamic Calligraphy by Master Calligrapher Muqtar Ahmed one of the finest Islamic Calligraphers in India”,added Arif Vakil.

Adding to this Artist Mr.Rahil Mohsin who has teamed up with the Vakil brother for the first time to illustrate the comics in a different style said ‘We hope you enjoy reading the stories of Bahlool,as mush as we enjoyed expressing them in this medium.In these comic strips we tried to create the similar illustration that was originally narrated through Turkish and Persian miniature paintings.

Sufi Comics is a web comic by brother Mohammed Ali Vakil and Mohmmend Arif Vakil that began in the year 2009.These comics are short stories taken from Islamic history & tradition to illustrate the eternal spiritual truths in the teachings of Islam.The first 40 Comics have been published in the form of a book “40 Sufi Comics”.

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