Alchemist Work desk

Hi, this is my new 3d artwork. In this project, I wanted to create a scene from the early 80s where an alchemist does daily
research. As yo

u can see I tried to show that this is a cutout of his lab in which I have to model the cutout piece of that floor along with the other assets, the texturing part was quite interesting I have tried to follow the genre of this project and kept in mind that it should tell the same story, Look Development and Lighting was bit challenging I had to blend multiple materials and lit the scene. Faced a lot of back-and-forth between texture-look dev and Lighting but finally, I did it, In compositing, I used multi-pass EXRs and various Render layers to achieve what I wanted to see still lot to improve, Hope you will like this…! :wink: :slightly_smiling_face: