COSMOBAll Cherno VFX Breakdown by Main Road Post

Main Road Post releases the VFX breakdown for COSMOBALL CHERNO

Cosmoball, also known as Goalkeeper of the Galaxy is a 2020 Russian 3D superhero space opera film written and directed by Dzhanik Fayziev, based on the animated series Galactik Football, with the participation of the television channel Russia-1.[6] The film is set in the future, a post-apocalyptic city in a world inhabited by survivors of an intergalactic war that has shifted the planet’s poles. Above the city towers a huge alien ship – it is a stadium, the planet’s fate rests in the hands of the willing and capable Cosmoball players who are defending the Earth. The fate of the planet depends on the result of the match between earthlings and aliens.


Main Road Post is Russia base VFX facility. They have worked on numbered of project still date. Main Road Post is a Russian visual effects studio, set up in 2006, located in Moscow, Russia. The studio has worked on the visual effects for the largest-scale Russian films of the last decade and a few international projects. It is best known for the visual effects of the film Stalingrad.