Deinonychus | INSTINCTION

Turn on the Audio.
Proud to present to you : The Deinonychus.
This beautiful yet deadly Dino was brought to life by the amazing team at Hashbane Interactive.
I was responsible for rigging this astonishing creature.
Unveil its hunting strategies and social behaviors as we delve deeper into the mysteries of prehistoric life with "INSTINCTION":t_rex:

Creature Artist vikas prajapati

Texturing and Lookdev Artist Nevil Thummar

Creature Animator Mrinal Soni

Audio Director Daryl Leigh Lynn

Also, Special thanks to Sanjay Singh and Jade Saunders for all the valuable feedbacks and art direction.

Keep an eye out for more updates here : LinkedIn
Can’t wait to share more.

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@Vimlesh Congratulations! Your Artworks has been selected as Featured Artwork for top row. :trophy:

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