Free Unreal online course – SUMMER OF UNREAL

On behalf of Epic Games, the British Escape Studios and six European university partners invite young professionals to SUMMER OF UNREALFree Unreal online course, four-week online boot-camp. Industry experts, teachers from the partner universities and Escape Studios staff will provide digital artists at the start of their careers with eminently practice-oriented real-time qualifications. The organizers have set the bar high: This is not only the most ambitious free program to date; it is the largest Unreal Engine training ever attempted!
The language of instruction is English. The course runs over four weeks, from July 26 to August 20, 2021. Online applications have started on July 7, 2021.

The aim of the training is to support the more than 1,000 participants in building their business or artistic work on the animation tools of the Unreal Engine. Applicants are expected to have some knowledge of 3D software, but no experience with the Unreal Engine is required. The course starts with the basics and works its way up to the eye-catching stuff, like stylized cell-shaded / photo realistic objects and digital humans.

SUMMER OF UNREAL is an event hosted by Escape Studios on behalf of Epic Games. The university partners for SUMMER OF UNREAL come from six European countries. The Stuttgart Media University represents Germany. The other partners are from France (ArtFX), Denmark (The Animation Workshop VIA), Spain (La Salle Campus Barcelona), Crater Training Center (Serbia) and Screen Skills (Ireland).

SUMMER OF UNREAL: Free Unreal online course

SUMMER OF UNREAL offers four weeks of immersion into the world of Unreal Engine, one of the most open and advanced 3D platforms for photo realistic visuals and immersive experiences ever. The focus is on the CGI and animation industry perspective, rather than applications in cinematography, virtual production or games.

  • The course covers the use of the Unreal Engine in areas such as pre visualization, layout, rigging, animation, modelling, lighting, importing characters into the Unreal Engine and rendering. Participants will learn about the Unreal Engine pipeline and how to integrate real-time workflows into their current practice, from basic elements to higher level assets.
  • The trainings take place online via Zoom and Discord to allow for direct dialogue.
  • Instructions and tuition from industry experts in Unreal Engine are supplied on a daily basis, supported online by project assistants.
  • SUMMER OF UNREAL sees itself as a community of digital artists and encourages networking among participants.
  • Case studies of Unreal Engine productions provide valuable best practice insights.
  • Epic Games informs about new developments in the industry.
  • Expert panels discuss the transformation of media production through the Unreal Engine.
  • Participants collect digital badges for each day. With an attendance record of 80%, they will receive a certificate of participation in SUMMER OF UNREAL signed by Epic Games.S

About Stuttgart Media University (HdM)

The Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien – HdM) is one of the largest media universities in Europe and a member of the award-winning Animation Media Cluster Region Stuttgart. The Audiovisual Media programe is the largest and most versatile program at HdM and offers both a cross-media and practice-oriented bachelor’s and master’s programe as well as international minor program in the fields of computer animation, visual effects, event media, television, interactive media, games and sound. Alumni of the Audiovisual Media program work locally, across Germany and worldwide in the animation, gaming and VFX industries.

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