How Do Disney Artists Create Such Iconic Characters?

Ever wondered how the artists at Disney create such iconic characters?

Pixologic team with Disney at Walt Disney Animation to give a presentation at pixologic’s ZBrush Summit back in 2016! They covered various things in their pipeline that was not cover in this video, So make sure to watch the full presentation in below video. Presentation Artists: Zack Petroc Model Department Lead, Dylan Ekren Character Modeler, Alena Wooten Character Modeler & Sergi Caballer Character Modeler at Disney Animation)

Disney Animation shows their creative process and workflow of creating the animated film: Zootopia!

Artists: Zack Petroc, Dylan Ekren, Alena Wooten & Sergi Caballer ZBrush Summit Presentation from Day 1

Film – 2019 ZBrush Summit – Featured Artists Damien Guimoneau and Marco Capellazzi.

This presentation was only available to watch on-site at the 2019 ZBrush Summit until now! Walt Disney Studios and MPC Film have approved this recording for public viewing! Please enjoy this exclusive presentation brought to you by Pixologic, the makers of ZBrush.

The Lion King – Simba, Rafiki, & Pride Rock All Created in ZBrush


This behind the scenes presentation will focus on three character concepts and modelling from The Lion King film: Rafiki, Simba Cub and Scar and a second part with environments sculpting. MPC team will cover workflow, and demonstrate tips and tricks using the ZBrush files for each assets. Also, discuss the MPC pipeline in general, from the 3D concept to the final model.

Interview with Alena Wooten, Sergi Caballer, Dylan Ekren and Zack Petroc during day 1 of the 2016 ZBrush Summit.

Pixology is conducting almost every year Zbrush Summit, It’s very helpful for artist and upcoming artist and students. They can get an large view of how this amazing artist work at Disney.

We are Thankful to Pixology and Disney for providing presentations open to public, that’s a great initiative.

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