The Making of ‘Meerkat’ Real-Time Hair & Fur Short | Unreal Engine

As real-time technology becomes an increasingly important part of the film making process from previs to final pixels, Weta Digital is exploring just how far they can push movie-quality hair, fur, and feathers for linear storytelling in real time. The result is ‘Meerkat’, a short film rendered entirely in Unreal Engine. This project aims for the highest possible quality while maintaining as fast a frame rate as possible in Unreal Engine—up to real time, depending on your graphics card.

When the Special Projects team at Weta Digital wanted to see how far they could push Unreal Engine’s new real-time hair and fur system, they created a stunning short film featuring a meerkat and an eagle. Find out how, using just off-the-shelf tools, they were able to create linear content of a quality that surprised even themselves. The scene and source files for this piece are now available as a free sample project for you to explore, learn from, and reuse. You can download them from […]

Epic Games partnered with Weta Digital on this exclusive animated short, created in Unreal Engine using the new Hair & Fur Rendering and Simulation tool coming to all users later this year in Unreal Engine 4.26. Weta Digital also leveraged Unreal Engine’s Control Rig and Animation in Sequencer features to create the meerkat, and Movie Render Queue for export.