What is (VFX) Visual Effects?

VFX is now one of most common word in film making. Almost all movies will have VFX in some way.

But question comes “What is VFX”? It’s stands for visual effect. It’s a post production stage of film.

Visual effects (VFX) is the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot in film-making. The integration of live action footage and CG elements to create realistic imagery is called VFX.

At its core, Visual Effects (abbreviated VFX) is the process by which digital imagery is created to manipulate or enhance real world footage that has been filmed with a video camera.

Visual effects involve the integration of video camera footage and computer generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, which would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, time consuming or impossible to capture on film.

Visual Effects also known as digital effects are made with the aid of computers and specialized software. They are usually achieved by digital artists and animators as well as technical artists, technical directors and digital compositors. When you see that giant blue/green screen in a making-of article or behind-the-scenes video, that is called chroma keying and it’s one of the various techniques used in Visual Effects.

In most countries use of animals is prohibit for shooting in that situation visual Effects comes and computer generated image i.e CGI animals or creature blend with camera footage.

For example movies like Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Mummy created using computer generated image. Visual effect today is heavily use in almost all movies. Around ninety percent of the film utilized VFX and CGI. Other than films, television series and web series are also known to utilize VFX.

Visual effects are often integral to a movie’s story and appeal. Although most visual effects work is completed during post-production, it usually must be carefully planned and choreographed in pre-production and production. A visual effects supervisor is usually involved with the production from an early stage to work closely with production and the film’s director design, guide and lead the teams required to achieve the desired effects.

So, with help of visual effect we can create any type of imagery and put director visualization on screen.


Some movies we can’t imagine without VFX like Titanic, Jurassic Park, Star-War, Matrix, Avatar all these movies have contributed in large developing new technology while working on these movies.

Leading VFX studios:

source: ILM, weta digital