Terms of Service

Terms of Service


User’s browsing and registering on Website shall mean User’s consent to the Privacy Polices. User consents that internet data transmission is not completely secured, thus CG Wires shall not guarantee or warrantee the User for transmission of the Data provided by User to CG Wires.

User guarantees and warranties to CG wires that all the Data is uploaded at User’s own risk and such Data shall be original and not violate any third party intellectual property rights or any third party rights in any manner whatsoever and CG Wires shall not be liable, obligated, and responsible to the user for uploading such Data on the Website. User shall at all times keep CG Wires indemnified in case of any third party/parties claims, damages filed against CG Wires and/or Website due to user’s violation of any terms and conditions of Privacy Policy or due to third party intellectual property rights infringement.

Reservation of Rights

CG Wires shall reserve the right to amend these Privacy Policies at any/all time to accommodate new technologies, industry practice, regulatory requirements, or other purposes thereof. CG Wires shall reserve the right to delete, edit any Data in case if CG Wires is of the opinion that such Data is including without limitation to being obscene, libelous, defamatory, racial prejudice, unauthorized sponsorship/advertising or intended unauthorized commercial gain, any third party intellectual property rights infringement etc.

Licenses and Hyperlinks

Any visitor/user can link the Website to its own website and/or use snippets of CG Wires content on their respective websites, solely with prior permission of CG Wires which shall be availed through Contact page or email & CG Wires if deem fit shall allow the visitor/user to do so. If user/visitor does so then CG Wires shall be entitled to a credit and logo credit, on their website. However, the user is strictly prohibited from linking Website with unauthorized websites/materials.

Contact Information

In case of any concerns on these Privacy Policies or if the visitor/user is of the belief that some person has infringed their intellectual property rights in any manner whatsoever then visitor and/or user can write to CG Wires on its contact form.