The 19th Japan Media Arts Festival

The 19th Japan Media Arts Festival’s Award-winning Works and Special Achievement Awards have been chosen.

The 19th Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media Arts (Media Geijutsu) that honors outstanding works in the four divisions of Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga, as well as providing a platform for appreciation of the Award-winning Works.

For the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival, we received a number of 4,417 works from 87 countries and regions,including 2,216 entries from abroad.

After strict jury screening, every Division selected the winners (the Grand Prize, the Excellence Awards and New Face Awards), as well as the winners of Special Achievement Awards, those who have made exceptional contributions to the field of Media Arts.

In the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday February 2, 2016, each Award-winner will be presented with an award certificate and a trophy. The Exhibition of Award-winning Works will be held from Wednesday, February 3 to Sunday,February 14 at the National Art Center, Tokyo and other venues.

Through this exhibition, film screenings, a program of symposia, talkevents and workshops, we gather diverse artists and creators from Japan and abroad, and present myriad forms of contemporary expression. These 12 days offer a precious opportunity to encounter works representing the
most contemporary trends in Media Arts.
The 19th Japan Media Arts Festival Award-winning Works

Art Division

Grand Prize
“50 . Shades of Grey” CHUNG Waiching Bryan (UK)

Excellence Award

“The sound of empty space” Adam BASANTA (Canada)
“Ultraorbism” Marcel・li ANTUNEZ ROCA (Spain)
“Wutburger” KASUGA (Andreas LUTZ / Christoph GRUNBERGER)(Germany)
“(Im)possible Baby, Case 01: Asako & Moriga” HASEGAWA Ai (Japan)

New Face Award

“Sando” YAMAMOTO Takaaki (Japan)
“Communication with the Future – The Petroglyphomat” Lorenz POTTHAST (Germany)
“Gill & Gill” Louis-Jack HORTON-STEPHENS (UK)

Entertainment Division

Grand Prize
“Best way for counting numbers” KISHINO Yuichi (Japan)

Excellence Award

“Dark Echo” Jesse RINGROSE / Jason ENNIS (Canada)
“Drawing Operations Unit: Generation 1” Sougwen CHUNG (Canada)
“Solar Pink Pong” Assocreation / Daylight Media Lab (Austria)
“Thumper” Marc FLURY / Brian GIBSON (US)

New Face Award

“hottamaru days” YOSHIGAI Nao (Japan)
“Black Death” Christian WERNER / Isabelle BUCKOW (Germany)
“group_inou ‘EYE'” HASHIMOTO Baku / NOGAMI Katsuki (Japan)

Animation Division

Grand Prize
“Rhizome” Boris LABBE (France)

Excellence Award

“The Case of Hana and Alice” IWAI Shunji (Japan)
“Isand (The Master)” Riho UNT (Estonia)
“My Home” NGUYEN Phuong Mai(France)
“Yul and the Snake” Gabriel HAREL (France)

New Face Award

“Typhoon Noruda” ARAI Yojiro (Japan)
“Chulyen, a Crow’s tale” Agnes PATRON / Cerise LOPEZ (France)
“Deux Amis (Two Friends)” Natalia CHERNYSHEVA (Russia)

Manga Division

Grand Prize
“Kakukaku shikajika (So-and-so, Such-and-such)” HIGASHIMURA Akiko (Japan)

Excellence Award

“Awajima hyakkei (A Hundred Scenes of AWAJIMA)” SHIMURA Takako (Japan)
“Otouto no otto (My Brother’s Husband)” TAGAME Gengoroh (Japan)
“Kikai jikake no ai (Machinework Love)” GODA Yoshiie (Japan)
“Non-working City” HO Tingfung (Portugal)

New Face Award

“esoragoto (Absurd Ideas)” nerunodaisuki (Japan)
“Tamashii Ippai (Lots of Life)” OKUYAMA Yuka (Japan)
“Machida kun no sekai (the world of Machida-kun)” ANDO Yuki (Japan)

Special Achievement Award

IIMURA Takahiko (Film Director / Critic)
UEMURA Toshiyuki (Hardware Developer / Video Game Researcher)
KOTABE Youichi (Animator / Supervising Animator / Character Designer)
SHIMIZU Isao (Cartoon and Comic Historian)

Jury Selection

Additionally, 128 outstanding entries have been chosen as Jury Selections.

Exhibition of Award-winning Works
*Details will be announced in January, 2016

Exhibition Period: Wednesday, February 3 – Sunday, February 14, 2016


The National Art Center, Tokyo
Address: 7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-8558
Opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00 *Open until 20:00 on Fridays.
Last entry 30 min prior to closing *Closed on February 9

TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills
Address: 6-10-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032


Address: 3-1-25 B1F Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031

*Opening hours vary according to venue.

Admission: Free *Admission is free for the entire program.
Organizer: Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee


Exhibition / Film Screenings / Manga Library / Performances /
Demonstrations / Related events (Admission Free)


● Brings together a ttal of approximately 160 works selected from 4,417 entries from 87 countries and regions
● Exhibition of experiene-based games and gadgets as well as rarely-seen documents related to manga and animations.
● Screening of a wde range of filmic works, from animations to live-action films in large-screen presentation.
● The Manga Library, in which the complete editions of Award-winning orks and Jury Selections from the Manga Division are available for reading in Japanese.
● A concurrent program of divrse events, including talks, performances and workshops featuring JMAF Award-winners.

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